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My name is Kiccc

Canadian-Chinese singer KICCC brings a unique perspective to all his creative endeavours. He began his musical journey shortly after working overseas as an actor and has since expanded into self-producing his music. He blends elements of grounded surrealism in all that he does. Inspired by the likes of Pierre et Gilles and Roisin Murphy, you can expect a unique sound and visual, exploring themes around self awareness, empowerment and a curiosity for life. 

KICCC’s upcoming debut will be a coming together of explorations in genres and styles. The title “The Water Knows” is derived from KICCC’s affinity to water and its adaptable, fluid characteristic as well as a cryptic message written in black marker at a warehouse elevator… Reminiscent of artists such as Imogen Heap, Frank Ocean and Sam Smith, expect to experience a peek into every side of KICCC and enjoy the universe of a dreamer.

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